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Indulge Yourself Into Luxury & Richness of Aranyam Perfumes & Attars by Vyomsat Natural Fragrances India Private Limited

For thousands of years, Bharatiya Sugandha (Indian fragrances) have been known to be rich in Pran-Shakti. The Guna (attribute) of the Pruthvi (Earth) Tatva is the Gandha (smell/fragrance). And its Bahyaang (external organ) is the nose, which connects the fragrances to the body, mind, and soul. They incite our senses in the body and bring a blissful experience to our minds. Such bliss of nature – that’s what we bring you!

Aranyam Perfumes is not just a brand but a promise to offer you the purest of natural fragrances using the ancient principles of Indian Vedas & Puranas. Our passion and pursuit led us to the regions of ancient western ghats in India. These are known to have existed even before the Himalayan ranges. In the womb of these regions reside the goodness of mother nature.

With the blessings of our Guru, we took our first step over half a decade ago and entered the regions of these ancient western ghats – the hub of infinite Ayurvedic flowers, Vanaspatis, and Herbs. For years, our Ayurveda experts studied and applied the principles of the ancient Ayurvedic techniques of extracting fragrances – Gandhayukti, from Bhruhat Samhita, Kalikapuranam, Asthank Hridyam, and Vishnupuranam.

This sacred bhumi of the great Maharishi Dhaumya – the ancient western ghats, became our base for research & development. And as we progressed, we expanded beyond these regions to explore the Himalayan ranges.

Our passionate endeavors reaped us the fruits of success. Today, Aranyam Perfumes is known for its fascinating range of fragrances and quality across India.

At Aranyam Perfumes, we extract the romance of nature from flowers, mitii, herbs, trees and bottle them into refreshing fragrances for you..

About Us by Lalita Jadhav (Founder, CEO) Aranyam Perfumes & Attars
Indulge Yourself in the Luxury and Richness of Aranyam Perfumes & Attars.

Few words about us from Our Founder: Lalita Jadhav – (Founder, CEO)

Perfumery’s world soon becomes a global industry instead of luxury craftsmanship, and Aranyam Perfumes is one of the explorers in the history of Indian perfumery

Aranyam Perfumes & Attars


To be India’s Top 15 Leading Brands in Natural Fragrance In India by 2025.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Aranyam, we believe in nurturing the traditional Indian fragrance extracts of natural ingredients from plants and flowers with the highest safety and quality standards that would bring happiness, and calmness to your mind, and make you energetic throughout your day. 

What makes us different?

What makes us different?

We are committed to providing the finest, highest-quality quality 100% natural fragrance to our customers and ensuring it is safe for all age groups responsibility sourced, and environmentally friendly. We strive to give humankind access to nature’s authentic fragrance at affordable prices. 

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Why Choose Aranyam Perfumes?

We take immense pride in offering a collection of perfumes that embody authenticity, luxury, and the beauty of nature. With a strong commitment to providing a unique olfactory experience, Aranyam Perfumes stands out as a premium destination for those seeking authentic, organic, and natural fragrances.

1. Authentic Fragrances: At Aranyam Perfumes, authenticity is at the core of our creations. We source the finest and purest ingredients from around the world to ensure that our fragrances capture the true essence of nature. Our dedication to authenticity means that every scent you experience is a genuine reflection of its source, taking you on a journey through the heart of nature.

2. Organic Fragrances: We believe in the power of nature without compromise. Our organic fragrances are carefully curated to ensure that they are free from synthetic additives and harmful chemicals. Embrace the purity of organic scents that not only enhance your aura but also resonate with the planet’s well-being.

3. Natural Fragrances: Nature’s beauty is unmatched, and our natural fragrances are a celebration of that beauty. Crafted with botanical extracts and essential oils, our perfumes capture the raw elegance of the natural world. Immerse yourself in scents that evoke the splendor of blooming flowers, lush forests, and serene landscapes.

4. Premium Perfumes: Elevate your fragrance experience with our premium collection of perfumes. Every bottle is meticulously crafted to offer a luxurious and indulgent sensation. The exquisite blend of ingredients and the attention to detail ensure that our perfumes are a symbol of opulence and refinement.

5. Organic Perfumes: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our organic perfumes. By choosing our organic offerings, you not only treat yourself to a captivating scent but also contribute to a healthier planet. Experience the harmony of fragrance and environmental responsibility with Aranyam Perfumes.

6. Natural Perfumes: Immerse yourself in the purity of nature with our natural perfumes. These scents are a testament to the beauty that arises when human artistry and natural wonders intersect. Each fragrance tells a story of botanical authenticity and the journey from plant to perfume.

7. Luxury Perfumes: Indulge in the realm of luxury with our handpicked selection of perfumes. We believe that luxury is not just about extravagance, but about the exquisite experience of the senses. Our luxury perfumes are designed to envelop you in elegance and sophistication, leaving an indelible mark wherever you go.

8. Floral Perfumes: The allure of flowers is captured in our floral perfumes, where each note carries the enchanting aroma of blossoms in full bloom. Whether you’re drawn to the romance of roses, the freshness of jasmine, or the sweetness of lavender, our floral fragrances offer an array of captivating options.

Aranyam Perfumes invites you to embark on a fragrant journey that celebrates authenticity, nature, and luxury. With our commitment to organic and natural fragrances, we invite you to experience the enchantment of scents that resonate with your senses and harmonize with the world around us. Discover the beauty of fragrance in its purest form with Aranyam Perfumes.

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