We often tend to ignore our health in coping with the modern lifestyle. We use many products in our daily lives that may directly or indirectly affect our health. However, a little consciousness would bring about a great change. For people who spend more time in their cars, it is necessary for them to keep their cars smelling good and fresh. The use of car perfume air fresheners is very common. However, some people use camphor in their cars to keep the air fresh and to keep insects at bay. But are we really aware of the effects it has? Do they harm more than they are useful? Let’s talk about it in this blog!

There are mainly two types of camphor that are being used. The steam-distilled camphor is used in remedies and sometimes in cooking (in small amounts). Camphor essential oil and camphor oil are both used in skincare and haircare products. But many of us use camphor in cars to keep it fresh. But there’s more we need to know. 

Things You Should Know About Camphor!

  • Camphor has been used in medicine since ancient times, but the dosage is really important. 
  • In many cases, camphor has been used to induce abortions.
  • Camphor oil is often used externally to treat cramps in pregnant women. However, even a small amount of camphor ingestion may cause abortion. 
  • The Victorian Poisons Information Center does not recommend the use of camphor, as it has no proven health benefits and is unsafe to be used in houses or in cars.
  • Camphor is highly toxic. Common substances containing camphor include inhalers, mothballs, and rubs. 
  • Onset of symptoms can be early, within 15 minutes of ingestion of more than 30 mg/kg.
  • Neurologic complications are common. Seizures can occur within 90 minutes of ingestion.

Did you Know About These Side Effects of Camphor?

  • Inhaling synthetic camphor fumes may cause mild to serious respiratory problems. Therefore, keeping it in cars or using it to repel foul odor might be quite dangerous.
  • Camphor, while directly exposed to the skin, may cause skin irritation, redness, and other allergies, leading to some serious skin problems. 
  • Camphor is often used in small quantities in some sweets and other food items. However, overdose can lead to abdominal pain, nausea, headache, heart palpitations, and in extreme cases, seizures. 
  • Camphor should never be used on open wounds. It may lead to camphor poisoning within minutes, as camphor gets into the bloodstream really fast. Keeping it in your car may result in accidental exposure to your wounds or skin.
  • It is really not safe for pregnant women and lactating mothers to be exposed to camphor, so keeping it in cars is definitely not a good idea!
  • There are many cases of camphor ingestion in children. Camphor ingestion can be hazardous for your children. So if you have children at home, keeping camphor in your car is not recommended.
  • Camphor can catch fire while exposed to a certain temperature. So, keeping it in your car may prove to be lethal. 

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